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Daisy's Birth

Thanks to Stephanie for sharing Daisy's birth.

"My due date came and went and we tried reflexology, spicy foods and all the other old wives tales. The date for induction came and we were hopeful as I had been having some surges but nothing regular at this stage. We started the induction process with the first dose of prostin and that brought about surges in 2 hours. They were strong and coming every 2-3 mins but on the next assessment we were only 2cm dilated and they were unable to break my waters. They administered another prostin hoping this would get things going. Over the next 4 days I had a total of 5 prostins administered but no further dilation. On the 4th afternoon they decided that they would be able to break my waters. At this point I had been having regular strong surges since the first prostin was inserted but kept calm and relaxed the full time and used my MP3s to keep me in my zone. At this stage I was not allowed to use the birth pool for birthing but they did allow me to use it for pain relief before they broke my waters which was very relaxing and really took the weight off my bump. We went to the labour ward and my waters were broken. As I did not start to have 4 in 10 surges within 2 hours they put me on the hormone drip which was increased every 45 mins. As the surges got stronger I kept my MP3s on and the room had been dimmed with battery candles on to make it as relaxing as possible. On the first examination 6hours in there was no change and I was still 2cm so tried to stay in upright positions and let gravity help. Baby was back to back so I was positioned forwards using beanbags to try and get her to turn. After 10hours I had to start using gas and air just to help with the surges due to the hormone drip. Twelve hours in we had another exam at which point the consultant advised we were still no further dilated and also we were now on day 5 and my body was tired. I was given the option to continue labouring for 2hours and get another exam or to go for an emergency C-section. I spoke with my husband who had been with me the whole time and we agreed that at this stage a C-section was the best option as my body was tired after the last 5 days. I actually phoned Janette at this point for some positive vibes on a C-section. I used my hypnobirthing fully through this stage as well as I was getting a spinal, to keep me calm and relaxed as they were carrying out the procedure. Little Daisy was brought out into the world weighing a healthy 9lb 3ozs. Thanks to the Wise Hippo I was able to deal with everything that happened throughout my labour and birth."

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