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The Confident C-Section course has been designed specifically to support you to birth your baby by c-section. Contrary to popular belief you are not 'too posh to push' neither have you opted to take the 'easy' way of birthing your baby. If you have chosen to birth you baby by C-section you will have made an informed decision to do so because it is the safest way for your baby to enter the world.

C-section parents need just as much support during their baby's birth as parents who will birth their baby vaginally. They also need to plan and prepare for their baby's birth to make it as special as it can be for you all.

The Confident C-Section course is delivered over 3 sessions of around 2/2.5hrs. You will receive an easy to follow digital manual to help you structure your practice of the Wise Hippo techniques. You will also receive 7 pre-birth MP3's adapted to helping you prepare for your baby's birth by C-section. And you will also receive 2 post-birth MP3s to help with your post-birth recovery.

I currently offer private courses, usually in your home, at a time that suits you.

The cost of the Confident C-Section course is £265 - this includes:

3 x 2.5hr sessions

Digital Workbook

9 x MP3s

Email/Phone support from me right up until your baby is born (as much or as little support as you like/need)

Access to a closed Wise Hippo Facebook group

Post-birth session

(If you attend the full Wise Hippo Birthing Programme and  afterwards make the decision to have your baby by caesarean, the Confident C-Section course would be covered by one additional session - the cost of the additional session is £95).


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