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WHAT IF.....??

What if my birth plan changes? What if I'm going to be induced? What if my baby is breech? What if I'm having twins or multiple babies? What if I'm planning a VBAC? What if I'm having a lotus birth?

At Sublime Birthing my focus is on you achieving the right birth on the day for you and your baby. What does that actually mean? That means that I will support you to have a positive birth experience no matter how you choose to birth your baby. I believe that every birthing person has the right to choose to birth their baby in whatever way feels right for them. Not to choose a birth that is right for their doctor, their consultant, their midwife, their friends and family, but to feel supported to choose the birth that is right for them and her family. At Sublime Birthing I have courses to suit ALL births - however you have chosen to birth your baby I can help you to achieve the right birth on the day.

Sometimes you will need more specialised sessions depending on how you have chosen to birth your baby. You might know about this before you attend one of my birthing programmes, or your birth choices might change once you have attended and finished the course. Don't worry, the specialised sessions can be incorporated into the full course or delivered as extra sessions after the full course.

The specialised sessions I offer cover the following:


Breech Presentation

Twins/Multiple Birth


Lotus Birth

The cost of these sessions will be dependent on whether they can be incorporated into the full programme or whether they have to be delivered separately after you have attended a full course. I'm happy to discuss this with you, so please contact me if you have any questions about any of these sessions.

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